Duration: 7′


for five players

flute (= piccolo), clarinet in Bb (= Eb clarinet), percussion (1 player), violin, cello

First performance: 24 March 2001, Brunel Ensemble, cond: Christopher Austin/St.Georges, Brandon Hill, Bristol, UK

Listen to an extract below, performed by the London Sinfonietta.


Lloyd Moore’s ultra-articulate quintet ‘Quint’, simply couldn’t be held back.

(Paul Driver, Tempo)

a joyful, playful prestissimo, which seemed downright cheerful and which closed pointedly and effectively.

(Nikolaus Cybinski, Basellandschaftliche Zeitung)

Lloyd Moore conducted his ‘Quint’ … a vivacious, accessible (but not simplistic) moto perpetuo which got the proceedings off to a good start.

(Peter Grahame Woolf, MusicWeb International.com)

Programme Note

The first concrete musical idea I had for this piece was a very simple one: the interval of a perfect fifth, A-E. I then decided to employ the three ‘black’ notes contained within that interval (B flat, D flat, E flat) to form a five-note motivic cell that furnishes the melodic and harmonic content of the entire piece.

The black-note/white-note harmonic ambiguity that results drives the piece forward in a restless moto perpetuo, beginning somewhat hesitantly, but gradually becoming more decisive before flaring up towards the end in a passage of barely contained violence.