Two Elegiac Miniatures


Duration: 5′


for solo piano

Published by Boosey & Hawkes. Click here for more information.

Programme Note

The first of these two short pieces was written at the request of Julian Anderson who asked several composer friends to write ‘one page’ piano pieces (in the event, mine turned out to be three) for himself to play during the Coronavirus lockdown in 2021. At around the same time, one of my composition teachers, Simon Bainbridge, sadly passed away and I decided to use the opportunity to write a little tribute to him. The piece makes use of the musical pitches available in the name ‘Bainbridge’ and also makes reference to my own Divine Radiance which I wrote under his supervision and which is dedicated to him.

The second piece was written not long afterwards, though purely for my own satisfaction and not with anyone or anything specific in mind. The piece alternates two contrasting, though related, ideas: one bright and resonant, the other more dark and sombre. The result seemed to compliment the first piece well and it seemed sensible to put the two together.

This is a sample only. Click here to download the complete score from Boosey & Hawkes.